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 Hair Extension Services

Traditional Sew-In:
Hair is braided to create a base for sewing.
A little hair is left out at the top or around perimeter of the hairline for blending the hair to achieve a more natural look. This method of attachment is recommended as it allows your own hair to be protected as it grows.

Net Weave Sew-in:
A net is used to protect the natural hair, and releases the tension from the braids since the hair is sewn onto the net. Recommended for clients with extreme hair loss)

Full Weave Sew-In:
No hair is left out at all. A closure may be used to close the weave in some styles.

Micro Links:
Strand-by-strand hair extension technique uses tiny micro rings for attachments. No wax, glue or heat is used and it is virtually non-damaging to the hair. This process last up to 4 months and is suitable for anyone wanting length, volume, or the addition of hair color.

Bonding: Weave can be integrated throughout the hair to achieve length and fullness. The natural hair can be braided or wrapped and fully protected from the glue for longer lasting bonded weave. (Ask about alternate  bonding methods with requesting this style.

Types of Extension Hair Raw Virgin

Malaysian, Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, European, Russian, Chinese, & Cambodian.

Straight, Natural Wave, Loose Wave, Body Wave, Deep Wave Hair.

Skin extension loc
Seamless  with no adhesive. Gives fullness

Human hair lace front wig placements

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