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 Relaxer Treatment

Avolon Affirm Moisture Plus Relaxer System with Protecto  For Dry Hair & Sensitive Scalp.

Affirm relaxer, leaves the hair silky straight and incredibly healthy-looking.
This revolutionary system conditions the hair throughout the entire straightening process.... before, during and after. As it relaxes, Affirm moisturizes dry hair and scalp, and provides the maximum in scalp comfort.

Avolon Affirm Fiber Guard Conditioning Relaxer System, Preserves 40% More strength

Fibergaurd relaxer, retains more of the hair's structural integrity than ever before .in fact, it preserves up to 40% more of the hair's strength. A loss of strength may cause hair to break, split, or crack, preventing hair growth to longer lengths. With special conditioning agents that penetrate the cortex during the relaxer process to reinforce the internal structure and restore moisture shine and body. The preferred choice for relaxing color treated hair!

Mizani Butter Blend H G Relaxer System, To Moisturize & Condition Ethnic Hair
by Mizani, Ultra- Moisturizing blend of cocoa butter, shea butter and honey
Butter Blend is a Micro-Emulsion Relaxer System, it is the next generation of advanced conditioning relaxing designs. regular strength, mild, giving your hair balance.